The Challenge

‍Simetrie, in collaboration with their partner, Mitra Hijau Indonesia, faces a unique challenge as they do not sell physical products but instead offer consulting services. Despite having a strong reputation in the industry, they recognize that there is potential to enhance the user experience.

The Solution
& Summary

Simetrie implemented a comprehensive strategy to address this challenge:

  • User-Centric Approach:

Simetrie started by putting the user at the center of their design and communication efforts. They conducted in-depth user research to understand the specific needs and pain points of their target audience. Given the nature of their service-based business, Simetrie focused on creating high-quality content that educates and engages their audience. This content included articles, webinars, and case studies that showcased their expertise.

  • Clear Value Proposition:

Simetrie developed a clear and compelling value proposition that communicated the unique benefits of their consulting services. They emphasized their industry expertise, personalized approach, and the positive impact their services could have on their clients’ businesses. Simetrie recognized the importance of consistent branding and messaging across all touchpoints, ensuring that their communication channels reflected their expertise and commitment to their clients.

Simetrie implemented a comprehensive strategy and achieved the following data-driven results:

  • User-Centric Approach & Improved User Engagement:

Simetrie adopted a user-centric approach, conducting in-depth user research to understand their audience’s needs. This led to a 45% increase in content interaction, as users found the content informative and relevant. Longer interaction times on their platforms demonstrated enhanced user engagement.

  • Clear Value Proposition & Increased Client Base:

Simetrie developed a clear and compelling value proposition, emphasizing industry expertise, personalization, and positive impact. This approach resulted in a 9.1% increase in profile visits. Clients and potential clients were more confident in the quality of the consulting services offered, leading to an increase in their client base.

  • Organic Instagram Reach Growth:

Simetrie’s user-centric and content-focused strategy led to an impressive 22% increase in organic Instagram reach. Users were drawn to their high-quality content, which further contributed to the growth of their audience.

Simetrie’s approach, rooted in understanding user needs and delivering valuable content, not only enhanced user engagement but also significantly increased organic Instagram reach and profile visits. These results highlight Simetrie’s expertise in effectively addressing the unique challenges faced by their partner, Mitra Hijau Indonesia, in the consulting services industry.