The Challenge

Kalijaga, a cooperative based in Ngawi City, specializes in selling high-quality teak wood products, including chairs, tables, cabinets, and decorations. The cooperative is a new player in the market and aspires to become an exporter of its products to international markets. The challenge is to establish a presence on global e-commerce platforms like Alibaba and eBay and create an effective strategy to reach international markets, while also increasing engagement.

The Solution

We took on the task of enhancing Kalijaga’s engagement through e-commerce platforms and expanding their international market reach:

Alibaba and eBay Accounts Setup 

Created professional and compelling profiles for Kalijaga on Alibaba and eBay. These profiles highlighted the uniqueness and quality of their teak wood products.

Optimized Product Listings 

Optimized product listings with high-quality images and detailed descriptions. They used SEO strategies to ensure products were discoverable by potential international customers.

International Market Research 

We conducted in-depth market research to identify target international markets with a demand for teak wood products. They analyzed market trends, competitors, and consumer preferences.

The Result

Simetrie’s strategic approach allowed Kalijaga to effectively leverage Alibaba and eBay to enter international markets. They not only expanded their global presence but also increased sales and engagement with international customers, paving the way for a successful journey as an exporter of teak wood products.