The Challenge

GRINS Indonesia as a newly established brand in the environmental education and training sector, faces the challenge of building brand awareness and increasing engagement among its target audience. The brand’s novelty presents a unique set of obstacles in establishing a strong online presence and effectively conveying its mission and offerings.

The Solution & Result

Simetrie took on the challenge and executed a multifaceted strategy, which yielded remarkable results. Here are the data-driven outcomes showcasing Simetrie’s successful approach:

  • Instagram Reach Growth:

Simetrie’s strategic advertising campaign led to an impressive 110% increase in Instagram reach. This substantial boost in reach effectively introduced GRINS Indonesia to a wider and more diverse audience.

  • Profile Visits:

The redesigned Instagram feed and content strategy contributed to a 42% increase in profile visits. The improved visual storytelling platform attracted more visitors who were keen to explore GRINS Indonesia’s offerings.

  • Content Interaction:

Simetrie’s efforts resulted in a significant 100% increase in content interaction. This heightened level of engagement demonstrated that followers were not only seeing GRINS as a go-to resource for environmental education but actively participating in discussions and interactions.

  • Established Thought Leadership:

Through Simetrie’s content strategy, GRINS Indonesia successfully established itself as a thought leader in the field of environmental training. This achievement earned the brand credibility and trust from its audience.

Simetrie’s comprehensive approach significantly enhanced GRINS Indonesia’s brand awareness, engaged its online community, and solidified its position as a thought leader in the environmental education sector. These impressive results highlight Simetrie’s expertise in effectively addressing the challenges faced by their client, leading to substantial improvements across various key performance indicators.