The Challenge

Axo Laboratory specializing in environmental testing, primarily serves a B2B (business-to-business) market. The challenge for Simetrie is to effectively engage top-level executives and decision-makers within client companies. These executives are crucial in the decision to utilize Axo’s services. Given the B2B nature of their business, establishing a meaningful online presence and creating engagement with this specific target market presents a unique challenge.

The Solution

& Summary

Simetrie devised a strategy to enhance engagement with top-level executives through the following methods. Simetrie developed targeted advertising campaigns designed to reach key decision-makers within businesses. These campaigns focused on showcasing Axo Laboratory’s expertise and the benefits of their environmental testing services. Although B2B-focused, Axo Laboratory’s Instagram feed was optimized to present a professional and authoritative image. The content emphasized case studies, industry insights, and the laboratory’s advanced testing capabilities to engage executives and demonstrate the value of their services. A content strategy was implemented to deliver thought leadership and informative content relevant to environmental testing. This included articles, whitepapers, and webinars tailored to the specific interests and needs of B2B clients and executives.

Increased Brand Recognition:

  • Instagram reach increased by an impressive 13%.

Simetrie’s targeted advertising campaigns effectively raised Axo Laboratory’s profile among top-level executives and decision-makers in the B2B market.

  • Content reach interaction 100% increase.

The optimization of Axo’s Instagram feed and the focus on case studies and industry insights successfully engaged top-level executives, fostering stronger connections with the brand.

In summary, Simetrie’s strategic approach led to remarkable results, including a 13% increase in instagram reach, a 100% boost in content interaction, and an outstanding 91% client satisfaction rate. Simetrie’s expertise played a crucial role in achieving these remarkable outcomes and solidifying Axo Laboratory’s position as a trusted provider of environmental testing services.